• Career Counseling
  • Client Insight and Awareness – Career Assessments
  • Career Exploration
  • Target Resume/Cover Letter Development
  • LinkedIn Profile Development
  • Implementing a Targeted Job Search
  • Interviewing Skills and Role-Playing
  • Disability Management
  • Mentoring – Continued Support
  • Job Club – (will resume after Pandemic ends)


Who would benefit…

We live in a dynamic new working world; our global economy provides many opportunities and challenges. Whoever we are, Students, Experienced Workers, Newcomers, people in Career Transition, and the Underemployed or Unemployed; as a Career Coach, I can assist you in planning your career path. I do believe that it is my personal calling to help others move forward in their careers by providing the tools and information to make informed and meaningful career choices that ultimately result in achieving success.

Even highly-qualified hard working people can find themselves in trouble on the job. Knowing how to deal with such situations can enable us to help my clients overcome the problem. In many cases the only good option is to coach my client to continue doing their best, while seeking a better position elsewhere in the organization or with another company.

People often work in difficult environments and challenges in their employment – it is fine to try to repair a relationship or change the situation, but it is imperative to start an active job search.

Make an investment in your career – people generally spend three quarters of their life working – why not do something you love and enjoy instead of being miserable and not working to your full potential. When you start to dislike Sundays because the next day is work or when you dread going to work – it is time to make a change. Do it for yourself and may be for your family – unhappiness affects not only you but your family, friends, and everything else in life. Make The Change.


Hourly rates are available as well as package rates.

Job Search Express

This package will help you manage your job search process with a special emphasis on using online resources to locate job leads as well as tapping into the Hidden Job Market. This 4-hour session will teach you how to navigate the Internet, develop an effective network, locate openings, research companies, apply online, use social media to develop an online presence, assist with developing relevant marketing materials -resume and cover letter – and conduct the all-important follow up to ensure you get notices.

Deluxe Job Search

This package includes career assessments, crafting a targeted resume, developing a tailored cover letter, creating a LinkedIn profile, career exploration, implementing a targeted job search, and interview coaching plus regular one-hour sessions for up to six (6) months or until you find a job. Meetings can be via phone, remotely, or in person. This package is tailored to the needs of each individual client depending on his or her unique interests, experience skills and abilities, background, and strengths.

Outplacement Services

Benefits of Outplacement Services to the Employer:

  • Circumvents public relations disasters.
  • Creates productive and healthy outlet for job loss.
  • Provides tactile tools to compete in the job market.
  • Shows survivors that the company is compassionate for people.
  • Lifeline = compassion and respect.

Scope of Work

To provide Career Coaching services for dislocated employees who are eligible for services.

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