Why use a Career Counselor/Coach?

  • To clarify your career/occupational goals.

    Career development is a lifelong process from high school, college, and to career and job transitions in life.

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  • Help you understand your career options.

    Professional guidance in assisting you with understanding your career interests, your values, your motivational skills, and what education and training you may need for your career or occupation.

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  • You gain support from an objective guide.

    A career counselor offers unbiased insights, information, expertise, and advice helping you to determine who you are and what you want from your career.

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  • Helps you recognize your strengths and weaknesses.

    A career counselor will provide you with an array of assessments – career interests, personality assessments (Myers Briggs), Values and Skills considerations. Seeking an appropriate career match for a successful and satisfying career/occupation.

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  • Broadens your perspective.

    A career counselor will help you strategize your career goals and provide a long-term perspective enabling you to achieve your career goals. A career counselor will help you develop the right strategies to navigate you through the unique process.

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  • Provides job search support.

    A career counselor points you in the right direction with resources and provides you with tips on how to locate specific job openings or research specific companies.


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  • Helps you when you are employed.

    A career counselor can help you acclimate you to your new position, assist you with communication issues, and clarify or resolve issues that you may have with a coworker. A career counselor will also provide tips and advice with developing a plan on how to accomplish your professional goals.

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  • Supportive Mentoring

    A career counselor can help mentor you through the difficult times in your job search and once you are on the job.

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Christine works with people in similar situations - she strives to help people move forward with their lives and reach their full potential

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Christine belongs to the following professional organizations and certifications:

NECA American Counseling Association NRWA Career Directors International MBTI Certified